(Commercial Tobacco Prevention Network) Congratulate and Educate: Funding Available

Compliance checks Can Not be done on MDH funding. This is a different funding opportunity- 

The MN Department of Human Services (DHS) Behavioral Health Division, in partnership with the Association for Nonsmokers-MN (ANSR), is offering an educational tobacco compliance check opportunity, “Congratulate and Educate”. This is an opportunity to conduct one-on-one education on local, state, and federal laws around youth access with your tobacco retailers. The goal is to educate retailers about the important role they play in preventing a lifetime of addiction. 


·  This activity must supplement/not replace the state minimum of one required enforcement check annually;

·  These compliance checks are for educational purposes only. No penalties to the clerk or business owner are permitted; and

·  A person between the ages of 17-20 must be used to conduct these compliance checks. This is in response to state and federal laws that increased the age to purchase to 21 years old in 2020.
Timeline:  All educational compliance checks need to be completed before June 30, 2023. There are no exceptions; this is based on the state budget calendar.

Eligible Departments:  All local licensing agencies such as public health and law enforcement departments.

Reimbursement: $50 per vendor/per educational compliance check will be paid to the department. All educational materials for the tobacco retailers including a certificate will be provided. Funding is based on a first come first serve basis. 

How do I apply?  No grant proposal is necessary. The information listed below is needed. DHS will use the information to send you a contract, including all supporting materials. Please fill out this form with the following information:
·  Department Name:

·  Contact Person:

·  Mailing Address:

·  Email Address:

·  Phone Number:

·  MN SWIFT Vendor/ Supplier ID Number: 

·  Last date of enforcement tobacco checks: 

·  Number of Vendors*: *The number of inspections you plan to do.  You cannot go over this number, and if you go significantly under, it takes resources away from other communities. 

·  How you would like to receive your supporting materials: Electronically or USPS mailed to you

·  Authorized signers (for contracts) name, title, and email

Questions: Contact me at katie@ansrmn.org (651-646-3005)  I am more than happy to talk through how you might implement this in your community!

What is the difference between all these checks?